Ok Sweet Friends…I am asking For Your Forgiveness in advance if this post of mine offends any of you…Seriously my intention is not to cause you to feel frustrated, judged or defensive in any way but I really and truly DO NOT UNDERSTAND STANDING ROCK✨ 

Now please do not get me wrong…I do understand the need and the right to clean water, I also understand the sacredness of a safe home and environment to live in and the value & wisdom in tradition & ceremony… But what I do not understand is:
How does one afford to get to Standing Rock? 

How is one able to leave their homes & life for an indefinite period of time?

What does one do once they get there?
What I see & read on FB is all Negative & Angry but with a great line up of Musicians & High Profile Speakers???

My reason for this post is because I am truly sad & tired of seeing all of the fighting…because that is what protesting is…I believe Peaceful Protesting is an oxymoron…always has been and always will be…And I am still really curious as to how all of you folks can afford this? How can you just up and go and for an indefinite period of time? What do you do once you get there? Maybe it is none of my business and again I apologize if any offense was taken. I guess it is just better for me to be a Stay at Home Prayer Warrior as opposed to the Front Line Kind…Blessings & Love Sweet People…Take Good Care of Each Other💖