OMS✨I had the most AMAZING dream the other night…or maybe it wasn’t a dream…Have you ever had a Dream where you could physically feel someone? My Dad passed away almost 30 yrs ago and ever since I moved to Oregon about 1 year ago I think about him often and really sense his presence, I even smell cigarette smoke when I am doing my Tarot (my Dad smoked & did Tarot too) 

Anyway My Dream: I am in a white room talking to somebody and I say “I really need to find my Dad! I don’t know where he is and I miss him” next I am looking on a computer for my dads phone number and I find it and dial the number. My Dad answers the phone and I knew that it was him by his voice and I say ” Oh my goodness, I am so happy that I found you, I have been looking for you & I miss you” My Dad says “I will be right there” Next my Dad is in this white room with me and there are voices talking none of it really makes any sense to me but my Dad was there the whole time talking too and cleaning up cheese or pretzel sticks that were on the white floor??? Now my Dad looks at me and says ” I have to go to New York” And then we Hugged each other… and that is when I felt him…SERIOUSLY…I felt the softness of his chest on my cheek and my hands could feel the shape of his back and I felt so very protected & safe in His arms…It was the most Beautiful Dream I have ever had…Or did I just need a Hug from my Dad💖 What do you think? #adreamisawish #hugsarethebestdrugs #thankyoudad