Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies! Whew… where do the days go? I thought I could keep up on the daily gratitude with my blogging but seems I tend to get distracted a little too much & easily…😁!  But that has not stopped me from doing my morning meditation & prayer time consistently! Wow! what a difference a morning meditation can make. I am feeling so much more Awake & Alive & Amazed!

I have only been “for reals” meditation since March 2016 & seeing & experincing the daily answers & miracles is mind boggling & addictive…I can not wait to get up in the morning and see what the day has in store for me! Take time & Make time to Meditate, Read, Stretch and Love Yourself. You know it is so much easier to love someone else than it is to love ourselves…So make sure to Love Yourself Everyday💖

So since I have missed almost a week of days… Cripes! I can’t believe how fast time flies by or how I get distracted so easily😁.  So I thought we would just go to #18 and begin again there.

Day #18

  1. I am grateful for this moment…lying in my comfy cozy bed with my Fur Babies Sage & Luno snoozing next to me💖
  2. I am grateful for my Health, Hope & Happiness💖
  3. I am grateful for You! For being a part of my Journey…

Wishing you the Sweetest of Dreams & a Most Enchanted Eve!

Blessings & Love💖

Moonwind Fairy