Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies! My apologies for missing a day…But I was being productive and staying out of trouble…😉 Plus my Day # 11 was so incredibly awesome that 12 & 13 just can’t compare. Actually they do…  every day, every moment is a Blessing! I am hoping that you are all feeling Grateful, Hopeful & Blessed! Wishing you a Delightful Day & an Enchanted Eve…

Day # 12

  1. I am Grateful for My Morning Meditations
  2. I am Grateful for My Children
  3. I am Grateful to be able to be Creative

Day # 13

  1. I am Grateful for Silence
  2. I am Grateful for Music
  3. I am Grateful for the Silence & Music in Nature!

Till tmorrow my Lovelies…Blessings & Love💖 Moonwind Fairy