Merry Magical Morning & Moon! OMS (oh my stars) my Lovelies…Today 4/11/2016 was such an incredible day! I think that I shared with you that I have been religiously making time for prayer, meditation & my tarot every morning. Well today is Manifestation Monday, (at least in my little world)😉 After my morning Inspiration Hike I was feeling just so Awake & Alive!!! So I sat down lit my candles & incense had my crystals, cedar sage smudge and tarot cards and began my morning meditation. I say a prayer first and if there are people or situations in my life that need prayer I lift them up here before I meditate. Today after I was done praying I just spoke with my eyes open asking for results today on 2 different situations in my life.

I proceeded to do my tarot 3 part spread and was getting lots of inspiration and ideas…The message I kept getting was believe in yourself ,expect opportunities to fall out of the sky, travel for business & pleasure and to honor my craft & magic…

After my reading  I put my stuff away and started cleaning, Facebook, making some Ilbe Moon Pleasure & Passion Potion and checking my emails. (I tend to multi-task & that sometimes makes people look at me funny but it works for me!)reading my emails I come across this one from a friend of mine who lives in California where I am from and also owns a business that is related to one of my situations. Out of the blue she emails me and let’s me know that she got me an extension and she would talk to me soon! I just went what the heck just happened? No way…this is a direct answer to one of my prayers. I was so happy that I cried. Not only because I didn’t have to deal with that situation and now someone else is taking care of it for me, I mean seriously!!! I cried because I knew that I was heard, that I mattered and most of all that Magic & Miracles do happen.

So I keep pinching myself and saying Thank you, Thank you Thank you, still cleaning, listening to music and then I get a phone call about a business opportunity that I had applied for. I chat with the owner of this business  and she lets me know that when she gets into Ashland in a couple of weeks she will set up a time to meet with me. She says to me, ” Would you be interested in meeting when I arrive in Ashland?” I am pinching myself again…OMS this is another answer to my other prayer request!! I am thinking this is unbelievable, but it is really happening and I am so Blessed! ” I say, “Yes, I would love to meet with you” she says ” Good then I will talk to you in a couple of weeks, oh and by the way would you and could you be willing to travel?” “why yes I love to travel, bye and thank you for calling” I hang up the phone and start laughing & crying and saying thank you and I am just amazed. But then I say outloud “But of course this is all happening because it is after all Manifestation Monday💖”

So as if my vibrations, energy & joy were not high enough already I check my emails and can not believe my eyes. It is a response to another opportunity, this opportunity is a spiritual one but also part of my prayer and there it was right before my eyes! The validation of believing in the Magic & Miracles that happen when we give as much energy to our dreams as we do our fears…Manifested Miracle #3!

I couldn’t resist sharing this with you! So instead of just listing my 3 people, places or things that I am grateful for today on day #11 my birth number…I just had to share my Awesomely Magical Amazing story with you!

Wishing for You all to Believe in You & the Power & Magic of your Dreams. I love stories with Happy Beginnings don’t you? Much Gratitude, Blessings & Love Sweet Friends! 💖Moonwind Fairy