Merry Magical Day #6 of 28 Magical Days of Gratitude! I hope that you will join me in Giving Thanks & Feeling Blessed on this 28 Magical Days of Gratitude Practice! Blessings & Love!

                                              28 Magical Days of Gratitude Day # 6

28 Magical Days of Gratitude Practice How to…

Create a time & space each day for Your Practice.

Have some paper, a journal, laptop, phone or IPad

Write or type 3 People Places or Things that you are Grateful for each day

Then close Your eyes and Give Thanks for each Person, Place or Thing on Your list by saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for ………(the Power of 3)

In closing say Thank you Thank you Thank you for this Beautiful, Amazing Magic Life! I am Grateful, Namaste, Blessed Be!

  1. Today I am Grateful for the Beautiful Human Beings that my Children have become.
  2. I am Grateful for my Beautiful, Healthy & Happy Grandchildren.
  3. I am Grateful to have such Loving & Accepting Family & Friends…  

Blessings & Love Sweet Friends! Have a Beautiful Day💖