Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies…I hope you are all feeling Comfy, Cozy & Safe. So my title for this blog sounds nothing like the title to my other blogs, does it? Actually the words Gossip and Competition are a couple of my least favorite words in the world. Both the words & actions bring a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. But lately I have been experiencing the feeling of competitiveness. Wait… what I meant to say was I don’t want to feel or be competitive but have been in situations recently that were very competitive and you know what? I do not like that feeling at all! This situation I actually signed up for but shortly after starting this “sales challenge” I started to feel overwhelmed while my “team members” we’re scoring all kinds of brownie points. I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed because of them doing so well and having great sales, I was truly happy for them. I at the same time as “this challenge” had a few other irons in the fire and just didn’t want to spread myself too thin so I let “the powers that be” know that I was spreading myself too thin and was going to stop “the challenge” and focus my attention where it needed to be.

So this is where the story gets unpleasant for me. So I shared my blog on Facebook and in this blog was my morning meditation prayer which I just felt like sharing with my friends, because that’s what you do is share with your friends right? In my prayer I give thanks, and call upon and seek the highest loving power to uplift family & friends, somewhere also in my prayer I think I had the word affirmation anyway…One of the powers that be in the “sales challenge” that I withdrew from replies to my post with something like this ” Just do (company name)  you are half way there!  No more seeking, Affimations affirmed, look at what is in front of you, you can do this!  with a pair of eyeballs 👀 Hmmm I think to myself, How rude was that? Here I am sharing my morning meditation prayer and I basically get chastised that I am seeking approval or feeling sorry for myself! I really don’t know what her deal was except that she was the one to sign me up in this business to begin with & because I chose to focus more on my blogging, FB & website and not the “business” I was chastised, Whatever!

My point being is that I am a strong woman with a healthy self esteem &  positive outlook on life. But this little bit of ridiculousness made me feel like poo. Just like gossip makes you feel when it’s about you(hey that rhymes, but I didn’t intend it to) 😁 So, no more competition!!! Let’s all just Cooperate & Celebrate Life together! I hope we all are Happy, Healthy & Loved…Sweet Dreams Sweet Friends! Blessings & Love! Moonwind Fairy