Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies!!! Part of my morning meditation practice is to do a Tarot reading. I created a 3 part reading with a total of 11 cards (11 being my birth number). The first part is a 7 card spread, The Jouney, the second is a 3 card spread, Ask~Believe~Receive and then the last is 1 card for Card of the Day. After my Morning Blessing & Gratitude prayer I shuffle the cards while I ponder what the Universe has planned for this day. When I feel done shuffling I use the above layout for my Journey reading. *I always read my cards right side up!  I found that just seeing a reversed card in a reading for me tends to make me feel apprehensive…but that is just me, always looking for the positive in Life! Also after The Journey I take the cards that I have read & set them aside I also do this with Ask, Believe Receive too. That way there are fresh cards each time. With Card of the Day just pull one card in which ever way feels best to you. I take my hands and spread the cards around & which ever card calls to me is what I choose. I created this spread with the idea of going on a trip or vacation. Why take a road trip or vacation? How are you going to get there? Where are you going to stay etc. Here is my Journey Tarot Spread…Enjoy the ride!!!

Witches Tarot Cards:  Ellen Dugan



The Journey

  1. Beginning/Your Reason~Where you are at emotionally or spiritually. Your question or need in the moment.
  2. Directions/ Your Guidance ~Are you ready for this journey? What you will need~ guidance inspiration or attitude; could also be what might hinder you.
  3. The Road/Your Path~Your gifts, talents & strengths are revealed/discovered along your Path. Your Destination #6 is influenced by your Path.
  4. Detour/Your Distractions~This is a person, issue or thought that makes you question your Journey. May also be a reminder to deal with, heal, grow & let go of that person, issue or thought.
  5. Road Trip /Your Journey~An inspiration, affirmation or justification as to who, what & where you are in the moment. May also be insightful to understanding Your Detour #4.
  6. Destination/Your Heart~This is where you emotionally, spiritually or physically find yourself for awhile to learn, grow & embrace your love, life and purpose.
  7. Coming Home/Your Soul~This is your gift, lesson or message to bring home & share with others. Could also be a task that needs your attention & what you need to accomplish your task!