Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies…Today I present to You my Ostara Magic Perfume Oil. This is my newest addition to my Ilbe Moon Organics coconut oil luv~ur~skin care products. Ostara Magic will be available in Our Perfume Oil, Body Bliss Butter and a New Ostara Magic Mist. All of Our Ilbe Moon Organics are made with Organic Coconut Oil, Natural Essential Oils, Full Moon Blessed & Energized Crystals and Many Blessings & Much Love! Our latest scent was named Ostara Magic after the Germanic Goddess of Spring & Dawn. Here is a little history about Ostara.
I created Ilbe Moon Organics in 2015 after purchasing & using an Organic Coconut face cream from a friend. I so so so love the way my skin literally “drank it up”. The first time I tried the skin cream I had put it on the back of my hand and was not impressed with the “greasy look & feel” of it on my skin. But within seconds my skin drank it in and the back of my hand no longer looked greasy but hydrated & soft. I lost touch with my friend & her coconut oil and had recently run out of this magical lotion,  so what did I do???

I went and purchased some coconut oil and attempted my first batch of coconut oil face cream. Well let me tell you…essential oils have many healing and wellness benefits & I being a lover of Herbal Magic & Wellness quickly went through my stash of essential oils and found one that smelled divine. It was a blend of Cardamon, Nutmeg and some other oils…anyway…Not a good 1st batch! It went on beautifully & smelled gorgeous but I failed to research the affects of how Cardamon & Nutmeg respond when you get your face wet (as in a shower) after applying the coconut oil as a make up remover. But I found out quickly that either Cardamon or Nutmeg do not do well when you add water. The affect was like taking too much niacin. My face and neck immediately turned bright red & was tingly and burning. Note to self don’t use either Cardamon or Nutmeg in a face or body cream, ever! After much reading, blending and brewing I am now confident & pleased with the results of my Ilbe Moon Organic Products!

This blog is about my latest blend Ostara Magic Perfume Oil. Ostara Magic is made with doTERRA Citrus Bliss, Basil & Geranium, fractionated coconut oil and Full Moon Blessed & Energized Crystals and Blessings & Love! I love learning the different healing & magical properties of the herbs then blending them together to create Magic! I will list the essential oils and their healing & magical properties. I get my information & inspiration from Cunninham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs; Scott Cunningham and The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy; Valerie AnnWorwood

Citrus Bliss Blend

  1. Wild Orange~Love, Divination & Luck
  2. Lemon~Longevity, Purification,Love
  3. Grapefruit~Mood Enhancer
  4. Mandarin~Insomnia
  5. Bergamot~Clarity
  6. Tangerine~Joy


  1. Love, Wealth, Protection


  1. Fertility, Health & Love

Our Ostara Magic is a Sensual, Sexy Spicy Scent that will uplift Your Soul & Delight Senses…Wear this and be Wonderful!!!

 Ok Sweet Friends, Drum Circle has started without me so I need to go and Drum and Dance my Prayer. Blessings & Love! Oh  and pardon any typos…the drums are calling me…