Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies!!! I am hoping that you are all feeling Amazed, Awake & Inspired! As I promised I will be sharing my Moonwindfairy goes to Bali blog soon in addition to posting daily…Manifestation Monday, Transform Your Thoughts Tuesday, Make a Wish Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Fabulous Friday, Celebrate Life Saturday & Soul Shine Sunday. In addition to my daily posts I will be sharing other blogs & stories on the Moon, Clothing, Coconut Oil, Tarot, Art, Dancing, Drumming, Faeries, Play, Herbal Magic, Crystals & Stones, Goddess Gatherings…You get the idea right?

My desire is for Moonwindfairy Blog to become a Kindred Spirits Collective Community forum of Sharing & Caring, Creations, Celebrations, Positive Affirmations and Good Vibrations…I would be so blessed if you would share Your Good Vibrations too on this space!

My Ilbe Moon Organics “Luv~ur~Skin”  has a new Aromatherapy Blend Perfume oil & Body Butter Bliss Cream OSTARA MAGIC. I will be blogging the process & bottling of the Aromatherapy Blend Perfume Oil tmorrow…Arent the days in life this year just flying by? Hopefully tomorrow I will be sharing a  processed & bottled Ostara Magic…This blend is a Soulful & Sexy Spring fruit,herb & floral combination of essential oils. .Ostara is the Goddess of Spring Time…

imageOstara Magic is a Beautiful Blend of Citrus Bliss: Oil of Creativity, Geranium: Oil of Love & Trust and Basil: Oil of Renewal. I blend these 3 oils in fractionated coconut oil(the liquid form of coconut oil) And as with all of my Ilbe Moon Organics on the bottom of every jar & bottle are Full Moon Blessed Crystals and I always Sprinkle in Many Blessings & Much Love…I use Ostara Magic as a Renewal Aromatherapy and in a Diffuser to Create a Fresh & Happy Space. I also wear Ostara Magic as My Signature Spring Scent..Soulful & Sexy😉 You can find Ostara Magic on my website under Ilbe Moon Organics.

Ginger my Lovelies I am needing to get some ZZZ’s. I am wishing you an Enchanted Eve & the Sweetest of Dreams. Blessings & Love

Tomorrow Thankful Thursday, Ostara Magic, Benefits of Dancing and a peek at Moonwind Fairy goes to Bali.