Merry Morning & Moon Lovelies..I am hoping that you are all feeling Thankful, Healthy & Loved! We live in a Beautiful World and there is Always, Always, Always something to be Thankful for. Today I am so very Thankful for all of the Blessings I have received in this Life and for the Many Unseen Blessings that are on their way…I posted this article and some pictures for you to enjoy! This article is by Awakened  State on the Magical Days of Gratitude a 28 day challenge…Who wants in on the Challenge??? I do I do…Lets start Our 28 Days of Magical Gratitude on April 1, 2016!!! In my daily blog I will keep count of the days in addition to my other posts too! So what do you say???

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this Beautiful, Amazing Magic Life…It is such a Beautiful day that I got a little distracted playing (I don’t  know how that happens😉! ) so I am running a little behind on my writing for today…But I did finish my Ostara Magic Perfume Oil so I will post pics of the process & bottling of that later this eve along with the Benefits of Dance too. Right know I am off for a hike to my Friends house, about a mile. We live in a Faerie Forest which I just adore💖Living in a space surrounded by the  comfort & protection of trees and the sight & sound of healing running creeks. Life is Good…I am Feeling Blessed! But I got to go before the sun goes down. Have yourself a Beautiful Day!!!

Blessings and Love!

Moonwind Fairy