Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies! I hope that you are all feeling Comfy, Cozy & Content!!! I Promised you that I would finish my 3rd part of Becoming Moonwind Creations so here we go…I left off with me emailing Annie from Bali back and forth with ideas & designs. Annie having been in the business of clothing design & sales for many years was a wealth of information and ideas too…

So now I am Brainstorming, and Daydreaming, & Fascinating that this Beautiful, Encouraging and Uplifting Dream was about to become my New Reality. Yay! A much needed and wanted refuge from the reality that I was currently existing in. You know I am always amazed at how life brings us exactly what we need…even when we don’t think it is what we need. As much as I was Fascinated & Inspired by all of this Magical Creative Energy  whirling around in my head and the unbelievable opportunities that I was being offered, I still didn’t believe that this was what I needed, or that this was how my life was supposed to be. I was still clinging to that belief that what I needed could only be found in my relationships or my work. I was so very wrong…but I was learning…

Now I had named my clothing design business Moonwind Creations after my Moonwind Fairy tattoo (because we all name our tattoos & cars right?) and so it seemed obvious to me that my theme or concept for my clothes and how I would present them would be through a Fairytale Realm. Because Once Upon a Time in a land far far away I was that Little Girl who Loved the Moon & Believed in Faeries..I was the grown up version of  Moonwind  Fairy! So of course there would be Magic, Romance, Dance & Play with Faeries, Goddesses and the Moon..I have shared  with you my love of fashion and also my very different, colorful & fruffie ( girly girl) sense of style so naturally Moonwind Creations was going to be different, colorful & fruffie!

About 2yrs ago I had found a dress that was truly the epiphany of me. It was a deep purple velvet wrap around dress with a multi colored silk ruffle around the bottom and long flowing multi colored silken sleeves that danced in the wind. It was a dress that said to the World… I Love the Moon & Believe in Magic!!!  It was the dress that made me feel like a Goddess when I wore it and the dress that made others smile when they saw me wearing it.  This dress was my reason for creating Monwind Creations.  I wanted to create clothing that was colorful, flowing & feminine so other women could wear a dress that made them feel like a Goddess too. I Believe that color & the way clothing moves and flows really does have an uplifting & positive impact on people. I will never forget how a few years before Moonwind Creations I had purchased a tie dye (tie dye like Grateful Dead tie dye) long dress. One time when I was  wearing this bright orange, yellow & green tie dye dress and in the bank making a deposit a gentleman in a wheelchair rolled up to me and said ” I just want to say that seeing you wearing that dress makes me happy!” A simple dress with lots of color made someone in a wheelchair happy!

So now my 1st Moonwind Creations order is in after much emailing back & forth and lots of hope and anticipation. My last email to Annie was thanking her for helping me believe in my dreams. I told her that 2009 was an emotionally draining year for me and that I was so grateful that I had met her! “Thank you Thank you Thank you Annie for helping me follow and believe in my dreams” Annie replies “Oh Honey thank you! 2009 was not a very great year for me either but You are making 2010 a Blessing for us all!” As I am reading this email from Annie I am overcome with the serendipity of life. Life really does bring you exactly who and what you need. Here is a woman I don’t even know who has offered me an opportunity of a lifetime thanking me??? It was in that moment too that I started to believe that the Universe had the best plans for me to become the person I was born to be. I was going to be able to share my Wishes Hopes & Dreams with others through Moonwind Creations and this was only the beginning of my Magical Moonwind Adventures.

My very first order emailed to Annie in Bali! I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night. As I lay in bed with a million thoughts & ideas running around in my head I stumbled onto the thought I had about making plans to go to Greece for my 50th Birthday. Before Annie in Bali & Moonwind Creations I was planning a Birthday get-away for myself to Greece, but now  I have Annie in Bali and my first order of Moonwind Creations being made in Bali. Hmmm…Why do I want to go to Greece when I can go to Bali, meet Annie and see my clothing being made?  That’s it! I am not going to Greece I am going to Bali!!! I would email Annie in the morning and start planning my trip. As I drift off to sleep I think to myself My Life is Good & I am Blessed!  Magic Happens…Believe!

Moonwind Creations was born in late March 2010 and in April 2010 I would be in Bali meeting Annie & Living my Dream! Fairytales Really do come True and they can happen to you too! My next blog will be Moonwind Fairy goes to Bali!!!

 Blessings & Love!