Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies!!! I am hoping that you are feeling Happy, Healthy & Loved! So…I have been Blissfully Busy today creating and writing…I Love It! But I did get a little distracted…Imagine thatđŸ˜‰ So my 3rd part on Becoming Moonwind Creations will be continued until later this evening or early tmorrow. I Promise! What I did do today was check on my website clothing inventory and realized I had left out a very important part…I didn’t have sizes on my clothing! That is because I don’t go by numbers or sizes. So instead of sizes for Moonwind Creations…We Shall all have Titles!!! Don’t you just Love it?

Because have you ever gone into a store and let’s say you are a size  10 or at least you were at one time. You go to the clothing rack and you find your size 10, hold it up in the air and then under your chin if a top or on your waist if a pair of bottoms and then toss it in the cart, you do this a couple of times with different items so now there is a bunch of size 10 items in your cart. But before heading into the dressing room you grab a couple of medium items ( of course after the air, chin & waist routine) and even a large item or two. Now you are off to the dressing room…

So now you are in the dressing room with your size 10, medium & large items. You look at your items again deciding how lucky you are feeling in this moment before you choose the first item to try on. So today you are feeling pretty lucky so you reach for a pair of the size 10 jeans which after you did the air, chin & waist routine had you feeling a little uncertain. But you are feeling lucky today right? You have been eating good, going to the gym sometimes…You unzip the jeans and step into them and start pulling them up, but they get stuck halfway between your knees & waist. Now you start sweating and remembering that cheeseburger you ate oh and yeah it was last month you were going to the gym sometimes and all of a sudden you rip those jeans off faster than you unzipped them. You take a deep breath, and tell yourself the next pair of jeans will fit because when you did the air, chin and waist routine they seemed bigger even though they say size 10! Ok jeans number 2. They are unzipped, stepped into and pulled all the way up to your waist with a little extra effort in pulling around the hip area, but they are up!!! You take another deep breath & this time you hold your breath as you try to zip up your size 10 jeans. Now you are screaming inside of your head! “OMG what the heck I couldn’t even zip these up if I laying down” You suddenly realize the awful truth…They just don’t make size 10 like they used to!

Now you are completely disenchanted with the thought of ever buying, let alone wearing a pair of jeans ever again.  Still there are a couple of dresses and a blouse in size 10 you are willing to try on, oh and don’t forget the medium & large too. You try the size 10 things on and a couple of them fit as long as you didn’t take a deep breath or reach above your head. Then you try the medium and same result as size 10, no deep breathing or reaching. Now you are looking at the LARGE items left and you try them on and of course they fit wonderfully but you don’t like any of them because they are large size and you are a size 10 so you want a size 10 item to buy. Seriously am I the only woman who has experienced this self esteem assisination??? No of course not! That is why I created a fitting chart for Moonwind Creations using Titles not numbers or sizes. So here are your Titles Ladies…

Pretty Pixie~Pixie fits a Petite Small to a Small Medium

Fabulous Fairy~Fairy fits Medium to Medium Large

Gorgeous Goddess~Goddess fits Medium Large to Extra Large

Lucious Lady~Lady fits Extra Large to 2-3X

Moonwind Creations

Enchanted Clothing is Designed to bring out the Pixie, Fairy, Goddess, and Lady in you. I am personally so much happier when I say that I am Gorgeous Goddess as opposed to a number or size. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you today!

Blessings & Love!