Merry Morning & Moon my Lovelies!!! I am hoping that this moment finds you Happy, Healthy & Loved!!! I shared with you yesterday the first part of my Journey on Becoming Moonwind Creations and Promised to blog daily of my Magical Stories, Adventures & Experiences that Happened Along My Way…Moonwind Creations was created in March 2010 and has been a roller coaster ride of Blessings, Magic & Inspirations ever since. I also wanted to share with you My Blessings & Love Prayer that I wrote this morning…I hope this causes you to feel Blessed & Loved!image

Now onto Becoming Moonwind Creations…

So I am at work and get a page that there is a phone call for me. I answer the phone addressing myself and hear a very bubbly & kind female voice on the other end saying “Hi Honey can you hear me Ok?” I said “Yes I can hear you” the voice on the other end says “Good, I just am using my Skype for the first time and I am skyping you from Bali.” I am thinking to myself I don’t know anyone from Bali??? Then the voice introduces herself “This is Annie, Honey and I am getting back to you from an email that you sent to me about having a Northern California rep for my Clothes” Now I am really confused, Bali, Annie & she keeps calling me Honey which is sweet but I don’t know what is going on! Before  I could say anything Annie says ” I don’t have a Northern California rep for my clothes and I am not interested in pursuing that at this time. But what I would like to do is have you show & tell me what Northern California women like and want to wear. You could design clothing and I will make them for you! Just come up with a name for your business and I think that would be lovely, don’t you Honey?”

I am speechless but my brain is in high gear thinking this Annie from Bali who made my Magic Therapeutic Jackets that everyone loves & compliments me on. The Annie from Bali who magically appeared in my Life first as a Therapetic Magical Jacket and now as my Fairy Godmother offering me the most amazing opportunity…I say”Are you Serious about this? Is this real or am I dreaming? “Annie giggles “Of course it is real Honey! We can get started right away by having you email your thoughts and ideas!” I wanted to cry from the overwhelming hope & joy that was whirling around in my head but instead of crying I said “Thank you so much, I can’t believe this is happening, but I am so grateful, thank you Annie!” Annie says “You are very welcome Honey!  I have to go for now and I look forward to your emails. Bye for now Honey” “Bye Annie and Thank…” Just like that Annie from Bali who called me Honey was gone. But not before planting the seed of a magical once in a lifetime opportunity in me that I will forever be Grateful for.

I hang up the phone and just smiled…What an amazing blessing amidst a very unpleasant time in my life! I don’t remember clearly what happened next I just remember feeling like I was floating and hopeful for the first time in a year. 2009 was not a good year for me…my Once Upon a Time… Beautiful, Magical Fairytale Life had exploded right before my eyes with a Pretend Prince lighting the flame….I only tell you this because I want you to know that there is Always, Always, Always Hope & Something to be Grateful for. Your pain is real, the grieving, uncertainty, insecurity & darkness are all real…and it is OK to feel it and please take all of the time you need to grieve! Don’t let anyone tell you different. Go through it and grow through it and keep looking for the light that shines through! My Belief is that the Darker the times in the moment there will be  Brighter & Better times waiting for You in the Future!  So here we are now onto the Brighter & Better times! I keep pinching myself & giggling inside Oh my goodness, this is too crazy, I am going to have my own clothing line…I have to come up with a name…A name hmmm…

I have always loved Faeries! I bet you couldn’t have guessed that! …And when one loves Faeries one tends to acquire a lot of Faerie stuff. Fairy figurines, jewelry, pictures even Faerie tattoos! On my left leg/calf I have  Faerie Tattoo and I named her Moonwind. Of course I named my tattoos doesn’t everybody??? I also name my cars too! Anyway as I am sitting on the floor trying to think of a name for my clothing line…OMS (Oh My Stars) I have to pinch myself again! Pinch…I have a Clothing Line…this is really happening…I feel so blessed! I look down and see my Moonwind Tattoo…That’s it! This is Perfect!!! My clothing line will be….drum roll….Moonwind Creations! I am thrilled & even more inspired and I just have to email Annie from Bali right away with my new business name& ideas!!! MOONWIND CREATIONS: Enchanted Clothing Designed to Bring out the Goddess in You…Magic Happens…Believe! This is only the beginning of emails & correspondences that go back and forth for about a month with me sharing my ideas,dreams & designs and the Becoming Moonwind Creations Adventure continues to Evolve!

Blessings & Love!